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Blue Ribbon Wood Carving Supplies specializes in providing the highest quality of carving woods. The large variety of woods that we are able to provide sets us apart from other carving wood suppliers. We offer premium grade, air-dried Northern Basswood form Minnesota. Beautiful Butternut wood comes from Northern Wisconsin. We have imported Jelutong from Malaysia. We provide several species of walking sticks, including the hard to get, "Diamond Willow", the king of walking sticks. Recently we have acquired Sugar Pine from Northern California. Also from this region we are now getting Madrone, Maple, and Buckeye Burls. Burls make good carving basses, turnings, flutes, and much more.

Please note, that we air dry all of our carving woods. This process is extremely slow compared to kiln drying lumber. However, air drying is the best way to obtain the most stable and soft carving wood available. This means that we must have a large supply of wood on hand at all times. We may have up to three to four years of drying in some of the thickest pieces that we obtain.

Blue Ribbon Wood Carving Supplies attends the majority of carving shows in Oregon, Washington, and Montana. With the development of this web site, we now go national, offering our premium carving woods to carvers in the United States and Canada. We continue to build our carving supply and tool inventory. We search for unusual and unique carving tools and supplies to bring to you, the customer.

In our wood section of this site, we have listed several of the more common sizes of wood that we sell at shows. We keep these sizes in stock and ready to ship to mail order customers. There are just too many possible sizes to list, so we offer you the ability to call or send a note and we will cut wood to any size you need. From time to time, we glue up stock for customers larger carving projects. We can help you if you need this service. Just get in touch and let us no what you need.

At Blue Ribbon the focus is our customers. We strive to supply our customers with the best possible products for your project, and as fast as we can possibly get it to you. Contact us and let us no how we can assist in your next carving project.

Thank you and may there be many "Blue Ribbons", in your future!



Jerry Harris                                                                                               

Blue Ribbon Wood Carving Supplies